12 November 2010

Can't Park This - Bogan Plates

I guess the only thing that says Bogan more than the parking is the number plates.

08 November 2010

Can't Park This - Bird's Eye View

A cafe I frequent overlooks a roof-top carpark where there's never enough space. Something I can't understand when the carpark across the road is cheaper and keeps your vehicle protected from the sun, hail, birds... you get the picture.
Anyway, this desperate motorist seems to have found their own solution to the space shortage.

06 November 2010

Can't Park This - Trapped between two arseholes

I think the title really spells it out.

03 November 2010

The Random Snap - Ad Fail

BP Advertising fail.
Love it!

29 August 2010

The Random Snap - Those that never made it

Continuing my Northern Territory break, I couldn't help but notice all the cars that didn't make it.
The stretch of road featured here is from Kakadu to Arnhem land and is only a short stretch that the tour bus I was in managed without too much trouble. It just goes to show however the trouble people can get into without appropriate preparation or just paying attention.

There are a few pics in this one so click to continue after the jump.

28 August 2010

The Stupid File - Can you say overloaded?

I'm currently on holiday in the NT and amongst the interesting (read un-roadworty) cars I've seen on these roads. This joker caught my attention. Apart from doing 80 in the 130 zones, his vehicle was so overloaded it appeared to be driving on its bump-stops.

06 April 2010

Speedy Wheels

OK, I get it. Disability payouts must be set a little too high in this country, obviously to help those in need get around faster. How else can I explain the fact that going for a wonder at lunch today I passed three cars in disabled parking spaces:
  • One HSV
  • One FPV and
  • One AMG
 But all joking aside, I'm not commenting on the disabled, actually this is a rant regarding something else alltogether. Arseholes.
Yes, arseholes, that's you able bodied people who abuse disabled parking permits to get convenent all-day parking. For instance the HSV mentioned above had a number plate matching the store it was parked in front of.

So if you're reading this and you use a disabled parking permit without deserving it. You are an arsehole!